EP 84 -

August 16, 2017

Episode 84: Description Coming Soon!


EP 83 - Allow The Universe To Figure It Out

July 22, 2017

This week the gang discusses their wobbles and how they're learning to let go of control and allow, even in the face of fear. When we change our perspective and focus on loving what is, the universe takes care of the details and brings us more of what we love. Joshua expounds on this idea and more in an answer to a question from One on One student Alette.


EP - 82 How to Reach the Vibration of the Original Idea

June 29, 2017

Last week we talked about potential. All thoughts and ideas exist in the nonphysical and when we raise our vibration to the vicinity of a new idea, the idea is released. We receive the idea or the thought. We can then manifest that idea into physical reality. We can turn the idea into a tangible thing or experience. So the potential for every invention or break-through idea exists and we have the ability to unlock the idea and bring it down to earth, so to speak. But what about our own, individual potential? Can we become a vibrational match to our potential? The answer is.... Yes!

This is an idea that has been talked about a lot this week. Are we born with certain potential and if so, how do we unlock that potential? We will use a question Astrid asked this week. It was her very last One on One question and the idea of potential is explained in Joshua’s answer.


EP - 81 The Human Potential

June 21, 2017

What is potential? Do we have potential as individual humans, as a group of humans, or as a mass consciousness? How does potentiality fit into the mechanism of physical reality?

It turns out that physical reality is a mechanism and the purpose of that system is to bring forth the potential of anything into a tangible manifested thing. If all thoughts and ideas already exist then those thoughts and ideas that have yet to be in our reality exist as the potential. Our role as human creators is to bring forth the potential of something we desire into our reality.

This is what Isabelle’s question was about this week and Joshua’s answer was so interesting I thought that we would spend this episode talking about this very leading-edge subject.EP


EP - 80 An Excerpt from Joshua’s New Book

June 15, 2017

On the show this week, we read an excerpt from the new book, An Authentic Life. In this passage, Joshua gives a detailed description of the process of receiving inspiration and then analyzing the fear that arises around taking action. It demonstrates how the fear causes an illusion of danger that tends to stop us from taking action. If we can see through the illusion, we can take the step that's right in front of us.


EP - 79 How Focus and Attention Create Your Reality

June 10, 2017
How do we really create our reality. Certainly, it is created by our vibration and that vibration is a mix of our thoughts, beliefs, desires, fears, attitudes, and approach to life. We know that if we change up that mix, or vibration changes and as a result, our reality changes. 
But how do you change that mix? Well, it turns out that your vibration contains everything you focus your attention on. If you control what you pay attention to and how you focus that attention, you can create a vibration that will attract a reality you prefer. Today we are going to talk more about attention and focus.
The question this week comes from Allyson, who has been wondering about what she’s paying attention to and how her focus adds to her vibration. We will read her question and hear what Joshua has to say about it.

Gary Temple Bodley is Interviewed By Julie Ryan on the Ask Julie Ryan Show

June 1, 2017

This is a special podcast recorded from an interview Gary Bodley gave to Julie Ryan. Julie is a mediacl intuitive who can scan people and discover all sorts of things. She has her own podcast on the Law of Attraction Radio network and this was the interview she conducted with Gary for her show. 


EP 78 - The Persona and The Ego

May 26, 2017
The persona has been the subject of many of Joshua’s answers this week. If there was a theme, it was about the persona and the fact that it is false. Another interesting development came up recently when Joshua was answering a question from Astrid. We all might have known that those traits in ourselves we consider negative are false, but Joshua is saying that even our positive traits are false. Even those things we think are good about ourselves are just as false as the bad things. 
Since we are limitless beings of pure positive love and acceptance, we cannot be defined by anything. Limitless means being beyond definition. When we believe something good about ourselves, there is also the other side of that stick. For instance, if I believe that I am honest, I must constantly judge myself and others. I am being honest, not really, therefore I am not who I say I am. Are they being dishonest? Then I judge them as wrong. 
The question this week comes from our very own Isabelle, who was feeling annoyed at work. We’ll here what Joshua has to say about it and how the persona is tied into all of this.

EP 77 - Is Your Significant Other Into LOA?

May 17, 2017

This week we talk about our mates. We are all interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction, but what if our mate's don't get it? What if they are living by the old approach to life? Won't they screw it up for us? If we are creating the life we prefer by maintaining our alignment, but our significant other is focusing on all the bad stuff, aren't they screwing things up for us?


EP 76 - Maintaining High Vibes Around Our Parents

May 12, 2017

Those of us with parents who are aging do not always find it easy to maintain your alignment when you watch them struggling with issues around health and resistance. You want to do whatever you can to help them but the problem is when we see them as having a problem, we tend to lose our alignment and we offer advice that comes from a place of disconnection. The fear causes us to look at their situation from a limited perspective and when we do that, we lose our access to higher vibrational thoughts and ideas and we’re of no help to anyone. 

This week we have a question from Victoria who has a father dealing with some health issues. She understands that this is something he is experiencing in his reality, but she wants to help and she is having a hard time keeping herself in alignment.