EP - 79 How Focus and Attention Create Your Reality

June 10, 2017
How do we really create our reality. Certainly, it is created by our vibration and that vibration is a mix of our thoughts, beliefs, desires, fears, attitudes, and approach to life. We know that if we change up that mix, or vibration changes and as a result, our reality changes. 
But how do you change that mix? Well, it turns out that your vibration contains everything you focus your attention on. If you control what you pay attention to and how you focus that attention, you can create a vibration that will attract a reality you prefer. Today we are going to talk more about attention and focus.
The question this week comes from Allyson, who has been wondering about what she’s paying attention to and how her focus adds to her vibration. We will read her question and hear what Joshua has to say about it.

Gary Temple Bodley is Interviewed By Julie Ryan on the Ask Julie Ryan Show

June 1, 2017

This is a special podcast recorded from an interview Gary Bodley gave to Julie Ryan. Julie is a mediacl intuitive who can scan people and discover all sorts of things. She has her own podcast on the Law of Attraction Radio network and this was the interview she conducted with Gary for her show. 


EP 78 - The Persona and The Ego

May 26, 2017
The persona has been the subject of many of Joshua’s answers this week. If there was a theme, it was about the persona and the fact that it is false. Another interesting development came up recently when Joshua was answering a question from Astrid. We all might have known that those traits in ourselves we consider negative are false, but Joshua is saying that even our positive traits are false. Even those things we think are good about ourselves are just as false as the bad things. 
Since we are limitless beings of pure positive love and acceptance, we cannot be defined by anything. Limitless means being beyond definition. When we believe something good about ourselves, there is also the other side of that stick. For instance, if I believe that I am honest, I must constantly judge myself and others. I am being honest, not really, therefore I am not who I say I am. Are they being dishonest? Then I judge them as wrong. 
The question this week comes from our very own Isabelle, who was feeling annoyed at work. We’ll here what Joshua has to say about it and how the persona is tied into all of this.

EP 77 - Is Your Significant Other Into LOA?

May 17, 2017

This week we talk about our mates. We are all interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction, but what if our mate's don't get it? What if they are living by the old approach to life? Won't they screw it up for us? If we are creating the life we prefer by maintaining our alignment, but our significant other is focusing on all the bad stuff, aren't they screwing things up for us?


EP 76 - Maintaining High Vibes Around Our Parents

May 12, 2017

Those of us with parents who are aging do not always find it easy to maintain your alignment when you watch them struggling with issues around health and resistance. You want to do whatever you can to help them but the problem is when we see them as having a problem, we tend to lose our alignment and we offer advice that comes from a place of disconnection. The fear causes us to look at their situation from a limited perspective and when we do that, we lose our access to higher vibrational thoughts and ideas and we’re of no help to anyone. 

This week we have a question from Victoria who has a father dealing with some health issues. She understands that this is something he is experiencing in his reality, but she wants to help and she is having a hard time keeping herself in alignment.

EP 75 - Living an Authentic Life

May 6, 2017
The concept of Authenticity continues this week and we’re going to dive into it again with a question from Allyson who asks how to become more authentic herself. 
How do you know if you’re being authentic or not? Well it really comes down to a question of motivation or inspiration. Are you motivated to take some action because you think it will result in something you want or are you inspired to take the action because the action itself feels good. That is a big distinction and we explore all aspects of living an authentic life in this fun episode. 

Ep. 74 - What is Authenticity?

April 29, 2017

This week, the concept of authenticity has come up for a lot of the One on one participants. What is living an authentic life all about? How do we become more authentic in our lives and why is that so important?


EP 73 - What If You Could Instantly Change One Thing About Yourself?

April 20, 2017

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be. If you could pick anything about your personality, your body, or your life, what would you change? We often think about the things we would like to change, but is this the best approach given what we know about the Law of Attraction?

The old approach to life is all about changing the conditions so that we feel better. It’s about maintaining some level of control. So, in that approach, you look to the conditions to make you feel good and you’re always thinking about what you would change.

In the new approach to life, we give up that need to control the conditions and we think more about how we feel right now. We understand now that this is a feeling reality and all that really matters is how you feel. We know we won’t feel good when those changes are made, because that’s not how the system works. We are starting to realize that it is our work to feel good despite the conditions and from a place of feeling good, the conditions will change to reflect how we feel.


Ep 72 - Are You Here To Explore Worthiness?

April 13, 2017

Worthiness continues to be the topic of discussion on the Roundtable. This week we have a question from Emma and Joshua includes something new in their answer. This episode was recorded a week before the Joshua Cruise and everyone is a little giddy. Have fun!


Ep. 71 - Issues About Your Own Worthiness Creates Resistance

March 23, 2017

Last week week we talked about abundance, which is the most asked topic. This week we are going to talk about what really affects most people and what causes resistance and that is worthiness. This is by far the biggest issue with humans and it affects everyone to some degree. Joshua addresses this issue more than any other. Everyone worries about how they are perceived, everyone has insecurities and irrational fear, but some people feel more worthy than others and there is a reason for this.

Those of us who came here to explore worthiness, have chosen this aspect of reality during this time of awakening. If you can come to terms with your own worthiness, you can start engaging universal energies and create the life you prefer.