EP - 82 How to Reach the Vibration of the Original Idea

June 29, 2017

Last week we talked about potential. All thoughts and ideas exist in the nonphysical and when we raise our vibration to the vicinity of a new idea, the idea is released. We receive the idea or the thought. We can then manifest that idea into physical reality. We can turn the idea into a tangible thing or experience. So the potential for every invention or break-through idea exists and we have the ability to unlock the idea and bring it down to earth, so to speak. But what about our own, individual potential? Can we become a vibrational match to our potential? The answer is.... Yes!

This is an idea that has been talked about a lot this week. Are we born with certain potential and if so, how do we unlock that potential? We will use a question Astrid asked this week. It was her very last One on One question and the idea of potential is explained in Joshua’s answer.


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