What Does Authenticity Feel Like?

April 12, 2018

The gang was in rare form when recording this episode about authenticity. Listen in (and find out why this show was almost titled "The Shitty Episode") as we share embarassing stories and trade perspectives on Joshua's answer to Tracey's question about authenticity.

We're all spiritual beings living a *very* convincing physical existence and we're the first to admit we're figuring it out as we go just like everyone else.

Thanks for tuning in to Episode 117 of The Teaching of Joshua Roundtable!



Land Cruise Replay in Honor of Upcoming Vegas Event

April 4, 2018

In this episode, in honor of our upcoming Joshua Land Cruise taking place April 15-19 2018, we are flashing back to our last Land Cruise in Florida in October 2017, where attendees gathered with the usual members of the Roundtable crew. We talked about the experiences that we had, the fun that we shared, and the lessons that we learned. We hope that you enjoy this and we are excited to record the upcoming Land Cruise events in Vegas and share them with you! For now, listen, laugh and enjoy!

Thanks for tuning into Episode 116 of The Teachings of Joshua Roundtable!


How Do You Help Others Without Controlling Conditions?

March 28, 2018

We all have this desire to uplift, inspire, and help others. If you're listening to this program at all, you're most likely in this group of teachers. As a teacher, you have this thing that you think is right, and that thing is to help others.

In this episode, Roundtable discusses how to help people in the way that Joshua offers to help us, by seeing us as limitless. Our question from Alette on how to help people, is guided by Joshua's teachings of our fullest benefit in being the perfection that we are. 

Thanks for tuning into Episode 115 of The Teachings of Joshua Roundtable!



EP 114 - Do We Need To Know What Is Going To Happen?

March 21, 2018

In this spectacular podcast today, we're going to talk about going with the flow. If we created our own reality, which we certainly do, do we need to plan? Do we need to make things work out? Do we need to know what is going to happen? Can we just trust that there is something else there working the Law of Attraction, and our intentions we had set before we were born, and everything is moving to get us into the right vibration so that we become a match to what we want? Or do we need to control everything and just make sure that nothing bad happens to us? 


EP 113 - Do Manifestation Events Highlight Your Doubt in LOA?

March 14, 2018

In this episode, the Roundtable talks about doubt. As we enter into LOA works, we participate because we want to fix our lives and we think it is going to make everything perfect, and it isn't always the outcome. We are conscious creators and we're creating the lives that we like. We have knowledge about Universal Laws, how physical reality works, practicing positive thoughts, choosing higher perspective, expressing love and acceptance, and we behave authentically and then difficult times arise. We think that the experience should be free of hard times. So what is the end game? The Roundtable discusses their manifestation events and how they connect with doubt. 


EP 112 - What are the Possibilities?

March 8, 2018

This week is about the possibilities; what are the possibilities? We are told that we can be limitless in this reality, but yet we seem to be living these normal lives, except for outliers. You can point to YouTube sensations, movie stars, recording artists, speakers, and podcast people. Most of us are living this normal life but with dreams of what we would like to do. We get inspired by people but we're still sort of stuck in our little rut. How do we get out of that? Today, the Roundtable is going to discuss this very question from Alette. It seems like the momentum of our lives is so strong leading us towards where we're going, leading us out of that.  


EP 111 - Increase the Intensity of Beneficial Beliefs

February 28, 2018

This episode is apart of our beliefs. Our beliefs are important because they are apart of our vibration. Alter your set of beliefs and you change your vibration. We all have a set of beliefs; some are beneficial and others are limiting. If you want to change your reality so that it reflects the life that you prefer to live, all you have to do is adjust your set of beliefs. Well, that is a little easier said than done! The first step is understanding your beliefs in the first place. If you can see which ones are beneficial, and which are limiting, you can increase the intensity of the benficial ones, and decrease the intensity of the limiting ones. Today we're discussing a question from Genevee who has listed some of her beneficial and limiting beliefs and Joshua has an entirely different perspective on them. 


EP 110 - Can I Live Up To My Highest Self?

February 14, 2018

In this episode, the Roundtable discusses Joshua's response the Question of the Week. Do you ever feel like the difference between who you are being, and who you really are is getting bigger, not smaller? It's a weird sensation. After all Gary has learned, sometimes he feels as if he is the same guy with the same issues. He catches himself looking at things from a limited perspective, all of the time and he feels he should be more conscious by now. Well, it turns out, this is simply part of the illusion that is physical reality, who knew? The more aware and awake you become, the more limiting beliefs you will encounter. However, once you understand how the system works, (for example: you'll never be done uncovering limiting beliefs) you can get easier about the whole thing. We all think that it would be nice to no longer encounter negative emotion, as if you reach some level of expansion where we'll never feel bad again, but that is us trying to control the conditions. It is not that negative emotions are bad, they are actually good. It is just that we have to start seeing them from a different perspective: negative emotions help us uncover limiting beliefs. This week we have a question from Genevee about this very topic. Let's see what Joshua has to say about it!


EP 109 - Special 2 Question Session

February 7, 2018

In this episode, Joshua answers questions asked by One on One Student Audrey. The Roundtable discusses this week's abundant 2-question Roundtable. The first question has to do with value. She watched a YouTube about creating more value in your work or in what you're offering to people. Gary often thinks about this to himself, so he was interested in Joshua's perspective. The second question has to do with avoiding things we don't like. Not fighting against them, simply removing them from our attention. Are we really doing anything constructive by sticking our heads in the sand? Joshua's answer looks at both questions from their higher perspective.



EP 108 - How Do We Find Time for Inspiration?

January 31, 2018

In this episode, the Roundtable is going to talk about inspiration. Inspiration is a vital component to the manifestation process. If we have a desire, and we're willing to become a vibrational match to the desire, than at some point we will probably have to take action. That makes sense that action is inspiration. We know that when we are in alignment and we receive the inspiration to act, the action will lead to some benefit. The problem come when most of the time we don't recognize the inspiration, and assume it's simply another crazy idea. Fear is what prevents us from taking action, even if we don't recognize that it is fear. Today, we will discuss Joshua's answer the Question of the Week from Alette, who has been asked to volunteer at an animal shelter.