EP - 79 How Focus and Attention Create Your Reality

June 10, 2017
How do we really create our reality. Certainly, it is created by our vibration and that vibration is a mix of our thoughts, beliefs, desires, fears, attitudes, and approach to life. We know that if we change up that mix, or vibration changes and as a result, our reality changes. 
But how do you change that mix? Well, it turns out that your vibration contains everything you focus your attention on. If you control what you pay attention to and how you focus that attention, you can create a vibration that will attract a reality you prefer. Today we are going to talk more about attention and focus.
The question this week comes from Allyson, who has been wondering about what she’s paying attention to and how her focus adds to her vibration. We will read her question and hear what Joshua has to say about it.

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