EP 78 - The Persona and The Ego

May 26, 2017
The persona has been the subject of many of Joshua’s answers this week. If there was a theme, it was about the persona and the fact that it is false. Another interesting development came up recently when Joshua was answering a question from Astrid. We all might have known that those traits in ourselves we consider negative are false, but Joshua is saying that even our positive traits are false. Even those things we think are good about ourselves are just as false as the bad things. 
Since we are limitless beings of pure positive love and acceptance, we cannot be defined by anything. Limitless means being beyond definition. When we believe something good about ourselves, there is also the other side of that stick. For instance, if I believe that I am honest, I must constantly judge myself and others. I am being honest, not really, therefore I am not who I say I am. Are they being dishonest? Then I judge them as wrong. 
The question this week comes from our very own Isabelle, who was feeling annoyed at work. We’ll here what Joshua has to say about it and how the persona is tied into all of this.

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