EP 96 - Roundtable Live at The Teachings of Joshua Land Cruise

November 8, 2017

In this episode, the Roundtable wraps up after three Joshua Live workshops with a live episode recorded in Gary's room on the last day of The Teachings of Joshua Land Cruise. Friends of Joshua came from all over to gather at the Florida event where expansive times were had by all.

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EP 95 - Recognizing All Forms of Positive Emotions

November 1, 2017

In this episode, the Roundtable discusses how although negative emotions feel more intense, positive emotions are far more common throughout each day. For those of us who have been following Joshua and Abraham, we understand that our emotions are part of our guidance system. Negative emotions indicate that some fear is causing us to perceive reality in a way that is not how our inner selves perceives the same subject. It's telling us that we have a limiting belief that is keeping us from becoming a vibrational match to our desires. Positive emotions are also part of our Emotional Guidance System. When we feel joy, it's an indication that we are looking at reality, and ourselves in a way that is beneficial. The negative emotion guides us to know when we are off track, and the positive emotion lets us know when we are on track! Doesn't it seem like we have way more negative emotions than positive emotions? The negative emotions seem far more intense as we pour into them. If you simply look at your day, 95% are positive emotions, and they aren't all complete ecstasy all of the time, but we can identify and appreciate all of the other forms of positive emotions throughout our day!

Joshua answers the Question of the Week from Audrey about emotions and the contrast between positive and negative emotions. Her question asks Joshua how to further live the positive emotions in her thought process so that she can continue to practice a higher vibration, as opposed to how she feels her current state usually remains. 


EP 94 - The Appearance of Thought Reflections in Your Reality

October 25, 2017

In this episode, the Roundtable discusses how Joshua has talked a lot about true desires and false desires. True desires are those that align with who you really are, and what you came here to explore. They are cast by the intentions we set, prior to our birth. We all intended to experience love, joy, freedom, abundance, etc. We also intended to expand through experience. Some of our intentions are more specific and they pertain to the things we came here to explore. 

On the other hand, false desires have to do proving our worthiness, being liked, appearing to be good, or security. Trying to obtain the feeling of something we already have, or already are, is a pursuit of a false desire. The manifestation of a false desire is certainly possible but it will never give you the feeling that you want. The Question of the Week comes from Genevee. Months ago, she downloaded The Secret phone app, and is convinced that it is communicating with her. She asks Joshua what this could be. Listen in to hear Joshua's response to her inquiry!


EP 93 - Are My Patients a Vibrational Match to My Advice?

October 18, 2017

In this episode, the Roundtable discuss Health and Wellness. Gary has been channeling Joshua and answering questions from all over the world for nearly 4 years. Joshua receives a lot of questions about health. We know that unwanted physical conditions stem from resistance, and the health issue is a message that alerts the person about the resistance. Everyone is unique, therefore all bodies and health issues are unique as well. It seems like, if the resistance is resolved, then the medical issue will go away on its own; how does that really work? This week, we will read a question from Victoria. She is a homeopath in England, and she has innovated a new remedy that is working on so many people. She read a book that is a problem associated with Lectins, and she believes that this is an issue with everyone. Joshua explains how the health of the body is not dictated by outside conditions, but rather the alignment of the individual. 


EP 92 - The Opposites in Polarity

October 11, 2017

In this episode, the Roundtable discusses the Question of the Week, and what Joshua has to say about it. It seems as if Opposites are everywhere: male and female, good and bad, high and low. However, the true opposites in this reality are fear and love. Fear is limiting, and love is limitless. We all limit our experience of reality due to fear. When we succumb to fear, we give fear more power than what is necessary, and this restricts the love that could flow through our lives. When we allow in more love by pushing through fear, or by processing fear, we make our lives less limited. Since we are all here for the expansion that life offers, why in the world would we limit that expansion by allowing fear to block us in experiencing everything that we want to experience? This week, we will read one of Isabelle's questions. She is reading The Ancient Secret Flower of Life, and she has a question about a passage from the book discussing Polarity. 


EP 91 - Opposing Approaches are Taking a Toll on Our Marriage

September 27, 2017

In this episode, the Roundtable discusses how Joshua seems to be talking endlessly about a new approach to life, where we relinquish control and just have faith that the Universe is working things out for us. Since we are also entrenched in the old approach to life and have been taught that it is right to control people and conditions; this new approach is foreign to us. 

This week we have a letter from Jane. Her husband is stuck in the old approach to life and it is taking a toll on their marriage. We'll discuss what Joshua has to say about it. 



Ep 90 - Fear Can Distort Your Perception of Reality

September 21, 2017

In this episode, the Roundtable discusses how fear can distort your perception of reality. How do you know if you're perceiving reality accurately? Sometimes you see things one way, but really, they're totally different. What causes this confusion? It's always fear. When you feel fear, you perceive that there is some danger lurking. When the fear is irrational, then the illusion of danger is not real. How can you know what the real reality is? You can trust in your emotional guidance system! The question this week comes from Allyson who thinks that a friend is mad at her and she doesn't know why. 

PSA -- Episode 89 transitioned to the nonphysical and thus has been skipped in our sequence.



EP 88 - The Old vs. New Approach to Life

September 14, 2017

In the episode, the Roundtable discusses two approaches to life: the old approach that we learn as kids, which is fear and controlling, and the new approach which is allowing and love. You either approach life from a controlling, dualistic mindset, fearing everything and seeing things as good or bad. The new approach to life is completely different and comes with a new mindset. Rather than fearing everything, we now see that everything that comes to us, is for us. Instead of trying to control the conditions so that we can feel good, we allow the conditions to be however they will be, and we consciously interpret those conditions and process our fears.


EP 87 - What Do I Tell My Husband?

September 6, 2017

In this episode, the Joshua Roundtable gang discusses the Question of the Week, where Julie hit a mailbox while looking down at her phone. She wasn't upset about the event, and simply deals with the consequences. However, telling her husband was what made her nervous about the accident.  As everything is for her, she uses this concept everyday and is curious as to how the event was really for her.


EP 86 - Can Inspiration Come In Different Ways?

August 30, 2017

We all know the feeling of inspiration. It seems like such an overwhelming and exciting idea that you can’t think about anything else. You just want to do it, whatever it takes. But does inspiration only come in packages of extreme excitement, or could inspiration be more subtle? It turns out that most of the time inspiration is a lot more subtle than you think. If you’re like me, you’re constantly noticing aligned numbers on a clock. What makes you look at the clock at 333 and 444? That’s inspiration. It’s very subtle, but something made you turn your attention to the clock at that exact time.

Today Julie, a One on One student, asks a question about inspiration and we will hear what Joshua says about it.